Thank You for choosing us please make sure you read all
Terms of Use before using our shop


0- Carder.Us Service Please read rule before buy!
1- By registering you agree to our rules.
2- All payments can be made only via BTC , PM and NO REFUND after the payment is loaded successfully to your account.
3- After making payment via BTC , PM your balance will be automatically loaded instantly. You do not need to contact us about your payment.
4- We will not return money from your balance.
5- Administration in the right to block the account without explanation and refund.
6. The info was added and in stock, will be all CHECKED & TESTED carefully (via,,,,…) before showing to customers. However, If you got dead info system will auto refund.
7- We are not accepting any complains about checker result. We use 2 different private checker merchant places.
8- You will pay for Checker regardless of whether valid card or not.
9- If Card has verified by visa or security 3d MC protect – we will not replace or refund.
10- If Checker reported Card is VALID and it declines in some shop, this means it is low or no balance card we do not refund for this.
11. To report dead info, bad info, missed info, payment problem,refund money…etc… Please using we checker
12- CC with DOB or SSN dont have any refund if info or DOB-SSN bad. Validate rate 99.9%.
13- Reselling from shop is allowed.
14- If you want to buy large quantities, please contact us using the support email.
15- One account is for one user. If we found that you share your login with someone, your account will be locked, and no money returned.
16- Anyone who tries to cheat this shop, account will be locked and no money returned.
17- Any Bonus you will be redeeming will only be valid on cards nothing else.


1- Please read RULE carefully before click to Check Card
2- Please do not check cards by checker before using it. Checker sometimes kill card. Our checker is paid checker.
3- You have 3 hours to Check just buyed CC, before check option will be expired. Please go to My Cards and click to check
4- If Checker reported Card is VALID and it declines in some shop, this means it is low or no balance card we do not refund for this.
5- We Don’t offer any PayPal & account checker atm.
6- Please always make sure you USE card before you check it here.
7- We don’t accept complains about 3rd party checker.


Paypal’s Rules
1- Service is not responsible for sm (security measure), all all accounts are checked on clean socks.
2- Service is not responsible for Account Limited , all accounts are checked on clean socks.
3- We Don’t give Sock/Proxy with PayPal.
4- Service is not responsible for unsuccessful Buying.
5- We will replace account only if the password is wrong and you reported it to support in a short period of time after buying
6- About claims , and fo accounts replacement , you should give 2 Screens , first where we can see what is wrong with account after buying , and second one where the mail of account is seen , without screens , we wouldn’t replace accounts
7- We don’t make money backs . You can change your invalid stuff , just on other stuff .
8- If you use our shop , you automatically accept its rules.


Find a bug? Any innovation idea?
Contact with us! We will pay you.
Please don’t use IE – its not fully not supported.
Mostly the check will cost you $0.20. Checking fee is not refundble.


Question : Haw can i add balance in my Account?
Answer : To recharge through “BTC , PM “, click the tab “Add Fund”, enter the amount on which you want to recharge your account, and then click “Add Fund”, and then you will proceed to the next stage, which you will need to pay the bill, after its payment you will need to click return to the merchant and the funds are credited instantly.
Question : Do you accept western union (WU) ?
Answer : Yes, we do please write ticket to Support with amount you want to pay, Minimum 150$.
Question : Do you sell PayPal & Cards in bulk?
Answer : Yes we do please write ticket to Support with full details.
Question : i Have bought accounts and cc from shop but i cant find them anymore, whats up with that?
Answer : You can get them from “My Profile” Page. My Cards – My PayPal – My Accounts.